See Every Person as God Does

Do to others as you would have them do to you.
                                           —Luke 6:31

Sybil was poor and cross-eyed. She wore homemade dresses and thick glasses. The class bully got in her face and said, “You’re ugly, Sybil. Ugglllyyyy!” Some insensitive students laughed. Sybil cried, cringing in the corner of the room until the bell rang, wounded, humiliated.

I don’t get in anyone’s face and spew insults, but I confess to having sometimes looked at people and thought: Fat. Stupid. Repulsive. My critical evaluation didn’t say much about them, but it said a lot about me: Harsh. Unloving. Judgmental.

Dear God, I want to be like you. You don’t judge a person’s worth by his financial status, by her size, by where he lives, by what she drives. Help me see every person as you do: beautiful, valuable, special. Amen.

Father, make me like you.

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