What Impression Are You Leaving?

Let your light shine before others.
                 —Matthew 5:16

I left my credit card on the table at the restaurant where I dined last night. As I drove back to retrieve it, I thought about other things I had left behind.

I left more than my credit card—I also left an impression. I left an impression of carelessness, but I hope I didn’t leave one of care-less-ness, one that said I couldn’t care less about the people who served me—an impression of coldness or rudeness.

What impression do you leave behind when you walk out of the restaurant, the department store, the grocery, the cleaners, or the bank? You leave an impression behind at every place, every time. Does it arouse a feeling of, “I hope she comes back soon” or one of, “I hope I never have to see her again”?

Everywhere you go, you leave an impression.

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