Those who trust in themselves are fools.
—Proverbs 28:26

The farmer hit pay dirt with a bumper crop and laid out a plan to protect his fortune and live a long life of leisure and luxury.

His game was ownership, not stewardship. His security wasn’t in God but in wealth. He thought his bank account insured him control of the future.

There are two panels to this picture. Panel one shows the drawings on his desk: state-of-the-art barns bursting with grain. Panel two shows him in his coffin: his hands crossed on his chest.

“I have enough stored away for many years,” he said. “You fool!” God said. “You will die this very night” (Lk 12:19–20).

The contrast is sobering: “Many years”—“This very night.”

Leaving God out of life’s plan
earns the verdict: “Fool!”

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