Today I Resolve

Renew a right spirit within me.
              —Psalm 51:10

Noble actions are the children of noble resolutions. Here are a few seed-thought resolutions. Can you find one that you need to activate?

Today I resolve to express appreciation to someone who has blessed my life.

Today I resolve to be thankful for what I have and refuse to whine about what I don’t have.

Today I resolve to make someone feel important and special.

Today I resolve to forgo judgment when my information is spotty.

Today I resolve to control my speech.

Today I resolve to let go of the past, which I cannot change and make the most of the present, which I can.

Today I resolve not to be ruffled by trifles.

Today I resolve to master my spirit, giving no space to self-pity.

Today I resolve that I will not complain about anything.

A resolution is a pipe dream
until legitimized by action.

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