Satan’s Game Plan

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
                                   —James 4:7

Satan messed up Eve’s garden with a one-point game plan: He got her to covet the one thing that was off-limits.

Eve lived in paradise, a farm filled with trees bearing beautiful, delicious, healthy fruit. There was only one tree in the orchard whose fruit was forbidden. Satan took Eve’s mind hostage by seducing her to think about the one thing she couldn’t have instead of letting her delight in the many things she had.

Satan’s strategy worked, and he’s been using it on us ever since.

Has he found your soft spot—concentrating your thoughts on something you don’t have instead of enjoying and being thankful for the many things you have? If so, you’re living in a dark place—and Satan wins. Again.

Negative loses every time.

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