Living Their Own Story

Be gentle toward everyone.
               —Titus 3:2

An incident of road rage or a random freeway shooting reveals the breaking point of someone who has spun out of control. Most people never reach that stage—even so, in every vehicle there’s a story being played out in real time.

Each car passing or meeting you is occupied by a person with their own drama, their own agenda. Preoccupied with their concerns, they are oblivious to yours; they couldn’t care less about what’s going on in your life; they have issues of their own. Sending up a prayer for these anonymous fellow travelers might calm your traffic irritations.

Are you aware of how little you know about the struggles of others—even of those who sit on the same pew with you on Sunday? They may put on a brave face, masking a troubled heart. Be gentle.

Everyone you meet is the
central character in their story.

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