God Turns a Little into a Lot

How far will they go among so many?
                           —John 6:9

“Hey, lad, whatcha got in the bag?’


“Will you share it?”

“Umm, I guess. It’s just a snack.”

Jesus unpacked it: five bite-size biscuits and two sardines. He looked up to heaven, gave thanks, and dispatched his disciples to distribute food to the crowd. I bet that kid’s eyes were big as saucers when he saw Jesus multiply his snack: 5,000 men and their families had all they could eat.

Never doubt that the Lord can do a lot with your little.

I don’t presume to know what we’ll know and not know about the here-and-now when we get to the other side. But I have a feeling that if God chooses to show you what big things he did with your little bit, you’ll be amazed.

God can do a lot with your little.

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