When God Says It, Believe It

[Noah] walked faithfully with God.
—Genesis 6:9

In Luke 17:26–29, Jesus pictured what most people were doing in the days of Noah and Lot. The contrast is graphic: most people were absorbed in the ordinary things of life, too busy to be concerned about God, whereas Noah and Lot listened to God and did what he told them to do.

It seems strange that Jesus chose Noah and Lot as worthy examples. After all, they were not exemplars of virtue. Noah’s mess-up is exposed in Genesis 9:20–21, and Lot’s is revealed in Genesis 19:30–36.

But both were called “righteous” (2 Pt 2:5–8). Why? Because they listened to God and obeyed him. They believed.

You have your weaknesses. Don’t let unbelief be one of them.

Listen to him. Do what he says.

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