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Too Hard for You but Not Too Hard for God

By Joe Barnett / February 9, 2024 / Comments Off on Too Hard for You but Not Too Hard for God

Nothing is too hard for you.           —Jeremiah 32:17 You believe that God hears and answers prayer because you have measured the problems you’ve had by the prayers you’ve prayed and the answers you have received. So you set prayer over against the troubles you presently have or those you may […]

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Your Waiting Father

By Joe Barnett / February 8, 2024 / Comments Off on Your Waiting Father

[God] is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.                                    —2 Peter 3:9 Looking back on my life, I am astonished by God’s patience. He has gently waited for me to learn […]

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God Turns a Little into a Lot

By Joe Barnett / February 7, 2024 / Comments Off on God Turns a Little into a Lot

How far will they go among so many?                            —John 6:9 “Hey, lad, whatcha got in the bag?’ “Lunch.” “Will you share it?” “Umm, I guess. It’s just a snack.” Jesus unpacked it: five bite-size biscuits and two sardines. He looked up to […]

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God Loves You, Regardless

By Joe Barnett / February 6, 2024 / Comments Off on God Loves You, Regardless

See what great love the Father has lavished on us.                                               —1 John 3:1 My mother’s love for me was set in stone. Unconditional. Those who know my dark side would say, “I […]

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You Do It Better than Hallmark

By Joe Barnett / February 5, 2024 / Comments Off on You Do It Better than Hallmark

I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand.                               —Colossians 4:18 We had been married two years when an untimely and unexpected death in the family devastated us. A letter from our mailbox began, “My dear children.” It is the […]

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All You Need to Know

By Joe Barnett / February 2, 2024 / Comments Off on All You Need to Know

I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.                   —John 16:12 Jesus didn’t tell his disciples all they wanted to know—only as much as they needed to know and had the capacity to receive at the moment. Neither is he going […]

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Traits of Fools

By Joe Barnett / February 1, 2024 / Comments Off on Traits of Fools

Fools despise wisdom and discipline.                         —Proverbs 1:7 The Bible records only one instance where God called a man a fool (Lk 12:20). However, there are numerous references to the traits of fools. Some refer to disposition Quarrelsome: “Every fool is quick to quarrel” […]

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The Essential Race

By Joe Barnett / January 31, 2024 / Comments Off on The Essential Race

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.            —Hebrews 12:1 Do you have any unfinished projects on your to-do list? My aim isn’t to shame you for not finishing what you started—some ventures aren’t worth finishing. I only want to encourage you to finish the most important […]

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Victory Over Worry

By Joe Barnett / January 30, 2024 / Comments Off on Victory Over Worry

Do not worry about tomorrow.             —Matthew 6:34 “Do not worry about your life” (Mt 6:25). “Do not worry about tomorrow” (Mt 6:34). When you read these words of Jesus, do you begin to worry about being worried? Jesus didn’t condemn concern, he rebuked a mindset that disregards God. In […]

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Count Your Resources

By Joe Barnett / January 29, 2024 / Comments Off on Count Your Resources

What are they among so many?                          —John 6:9 “[Jesus] was moved with compassion for them” (Mt 14:14)—that is, for the hungry multitude. His disciples didn’t share his concern. They only saw a bunch of hungry people a long way from home. “Send them […]

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