Remember Those Who Shaped You

Remember your leaders,
who spoke the word of God to you.
               —Hebrews 13:7

Can you remember a teacher who took an interest in you and made you feel special? Or a grandparent who loved you, listened to you, and assured you that everything was going to be OK? Or a church leader who encouraged you, believed in you?

How about the church where you grew up? The church that provided a foundation that kept you from stumbling through life spiritually blind. The church that equipped you with the faith on which your life has been built.

Do you now know more than those who taught you? Maybe. Have you outgrown them spiritually? Possibly.

But hold in grateful remembrance those who gave you your start and helped shape you. They gave you the value system that you live by to this day.

If you reject your origins, you
become the product of a different soil.

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