Opening Presents

Every good and perfect gift is from above.
                               —James 1:17

Weeks before Christmas children live in excited anticipation of the presents they will open on that magic morning. They think they know—but aren’t quite certain—what is hidden beneath paper and ribbon, and can’t wait to see for sure.

We all live like children. There are presents to be opened—tomorrow, next month, next year, Lord willing—and anticipation of unwrapping them is what keeps the adrenaline flowing.

Getting the diploma, saying “I do”, being promoted, having a child, holding a grandchild, retiring—gifts that fulfill dreams and give birth to joy.

Things may work out. Or not. We may get what we want. Or not.

But there is one gift that’s certain: today. You don’t have to wait to open it. Yank off the ribbon; rip off the paper. There it is, brand spanking new. Enjoy.

Any moment called “now”
is full of possibilities.

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