The Only Person You can Change

Put off your old self.
  —Ephesians 4:22

There is no one you can change but yourself.

You can threaten, coerce, and manipulate others; but you can’t change them. You wish you could, because you think things would be better if you could do a makeover of certain people. But you can’t.

And that’s good to know, for ultimately you are not accountable for how others choose to live. Not your spouse, your kids, or your church members. Help when you can, where you can—and when your help is desired—but don’t assume responsibility for change in others.

Narrow your focus to the only person you can change—yourself. Start sweeping the trash out of your life: the inconsistencies, faults, antagonisms, irritabilities. That’ll be enough to keep you busy for a while.

There’s nothing noble in being better than others;
only in being better than your former self.

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