Cancel the Pity Party

Shall we accept good from
God, and not trouble?
         —Job 2:10

For some it only takes one balloon to launch a pity-party …

a traffic jam;
a cantankerous clerk;
a critical comment.

Why do bad things always happen to me? What have I done to deserve this?

Here’s a suggestion for when you’re in a whiny mood: think through the past three days and zero in on one good thing that happened each day.


Relive it.

You have a choice … you can focus on the pleasant or the unpleasant, the blights or the blessings.

With all the blessings in the world, why should I suffer so?

or …

With all the suffering in the world, why should I be so blessed?

The world is full of good
for those of a mind to see it.

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