Sufficient Grace

My grace is sufficient for you.
      —2 Corinthians 12:9

The following is from a sermon delivered by Charles Spurgeon on April 2, 1876.

“At this moment, and at all moments which shall ever occur between now and glory, the grace of God will be sufficient for you …

“The grace of our Lord Jesus is sufficient to uphold thee, sufficient to strengthen thee, sufficient to comfort thee, sufficient to make thy trouble useful to thee, sufficient to enable thee to triumph over it … sufficient to bring thee home to heaven.

“Whatever would be good for thee, Christ’s grace is sufficient to bestow, whatever would harm thee, his grace is sufficient to avert … no believer here need be under any fear, since for him also, at this very instant, the grace of the Lord Jesus is sufficient.”

Our worst days are never so bad
that we are beyond the reach of God’s grace.

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