Contrasting Value Systems

Invite the poor, the crippled,
the lame, and the blind.
        —Luke 14:13

The media that invade my space display our culture’s value system: if you’re good looking, you’re valuable; if you’re productive, you’re valuable.

Runway-model gorgeous. CEO of the Year. Hall of Fame nominee. It’s all about appearance and performance.

Tough system, isn’t it? It eliminates the unattractive, unproductive, unappealing, unappreciated, and unknown. That’s not God’s system; it’s the system of the pretentious.

Here’s something Jesus wants you to know: regardless of how you look and what you do, you are valuable. Period.

That’s why he talked to people the way he did and treated people like he did. He reached out to the stigmatized, the ostracized, the excluded, the lonely. He touched, healed, encouraged, blessed.

The good looking and productive receive applause here. The unrecognized-but-devoted will receive theirs’ there.

You don’t have to be well-known here
to be celebrated there.

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