One-Word Answers

I have been with you a long time now.
Do you still not know me?
             —John 14:9

Here’s a riddle for you.

What is greater than God and more evil than Satan? The poor have it, and the rich need it.

That one stumped me, even though it has an obvious one-word answer: “Nothing.”

What is greater than God? Nothing.
What is more evil than Satan? Nothing.
The poor have it: Nothing.
The rich need it: Nothing.

Sometimes, in the messiness—and busy-ness—of life, we get distracted and lose sight of the obvious. It happened to Philip (Jn 14: 8–10).

The following isn’t exactly a riddle—nor is the answer obscure.

Who is one with God and more powerful than Satan? The poor can have him, and the rich need him.

Easy one-word answer: Jesus.

The solution to life’s perplexities
and problems is found in one word: Jesus.

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