Ralph’s Baseball Bat

I can lie down and sleep soundly.
                   —Psalm 4:8

Ralph kept a baseball bat beside the bed. He’d never used it, but it helped Sandra, his fearful wife, sleep.

One night she heard a noise, shook Ralph, and sent him to investigate. He picked up his baseball bat and, still half asleep, staggered down the hall. A minute later, Sandra heard Ralph scream and glass crashing. “What!” she shrieked when Ralph tottered into the room. “No one there,” he said sheepishly—“but we’re going to need a new full-length mirror in the hall.”

Do you have trouble sleeping? Your body lies down, but your mind keeps sitting up?

Today’s text should help you get a good night’s sleep: “I can lie down and sleep soundly because you, Lord, will keep me safe” (Ps 4:8).

“He who watches over you will not slumber” (Ps 121:3).

Sleep well—God is awake.

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