Acknowledge Those in Your Orbit

Let your light shine before others.
              —Matthew 5:16

On this day—March 22—in 1963, C.S. Lewis died. His death drew scant attention because it was the same day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated—and that, of course, dominated the news.

C.S. Lewis was the most famous and prolific apologist of the twentieth century. He wrote over thirty books, fanning the flames of faith in millions—from impressionable children to seasoned scholars.

Most impressive is that while Lewis achieved richly deserved celebrity status, he never acted like it. At his memorial service. Austin Farrer noted that Lewis sent a handwritten reply to every letter he received. “His attitude to all people was one of respect. He paid you the compliment of attending to your words.”

Takeaway: Give attention to everyone in your orbit— loved ones, friends, and strangers. Notice them, acknowledge them, respect them. It will make a difference.

People notice your notice of them.

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