What Do You Expect?

I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation.
           —Psalm 5:3

More often than not, we see what we expect to see, hear what we expect to hear, feel what we expect to feel.

  • If you expect to be mistreated, you probably will be—or think you are.
  • If you expect people to be hostile, that’s what you will feel.
  • If you expect them to be friendly, that’s what you will sense.
  • If you expect the church to be cold and uncaring, that’s what you will perceive it to be.
  • If you expect it to be uplifting and nurturing, that’s what you will experience.

Here’s the winning edge: when you expect God to get involved, you tend to put a fine finish on every happening—you expect a positive outcome because even when present circumstances are lousy, you know God is good at orchestrating happy endings.

Have high expectations. God is good.

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