Joe Barnett


You shall not covet. —Exodus 20:17 Francis de Sales allegedly heard more confessions than any Catholic priest. He said that he never once heard anyone confess covetousness. We don’t confess it because we don’t think we’re guilty of it; covetousness is seldom recognized by its victim. Yet, it ranks high among human flaws. A lopsided […]

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If you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door.                     —Genesis 4:7 One of Norman Rockwell’s fabled illustrations pictured a genial neighborhood butcher weighing a turkey for an elegant elderly lady. The eyes of both were focused on the scale’s display.

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Barnett Post

Mark Zuckerberg, head honcho at Facebook, is seldom seen in anything other than jeans and a gray T-shirt. He says that eliminating clothing decisions simplifies his schedule and keeps him centered on priorities. You may question his sartorial taste, but you have to admire his discipline. Most successful people keep a tight focus on priorities—they

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A Sky Full of Eyes

Their father was dead. Of the left-behind sons, Bunyan’s Greatheart said: If they see any place where the old pilgrim hath lain, or any print of his foot, it ministereth joy to their hearts, and they covet to lie or tread in the same. Perpetuating the principles of the “old pilgrim” is a tribute of

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